Robust and Reliable, Power Supplies Designed to Handle the Harshest Conditions

Forj Power Mountain Installation

The Forj Power remote power system, integrates solar and wind with small diesel backup, and has been developed to handle the harshest of Canadian winters. Our on-site cold chamber helps us expedite our development prior to any field deployment to ensure reliability.

The Forj Power Supply is suitable for many commercial and industrial applications where an automated off-grid solution is required for such things as instrumentation, lighting or heating of specialized equipment. Not intended for residential use.

Standard models include the following benefits:

Robust Remote Power Solution

Features the ability to remotely control, monitor and track the performance over the Internet, so that site visits are minimized, providing greater autonomy.

DC Load Outputs: 8 (10A)

Over current protection
Output Power: 100-1000W (customizable)
DC (or AC inverter output)
Nominal Solar Power: 750W (1500W option)
Nominal Wind Power: 600W (2000W option)

Input Energy

Small diesel

Operational Temperature

Temperature Rating: -45˚C to 55˚C

Web Interface

Access the power supply from any device with an internet connection.

Service Requirements

(typically 1-3 months)
Oil Change
Fuel Refill

Further details

For further information on how our system works, click the image below. For demo’s, and our gallery of photos click here: Media
Forj Power How it works Thumbnail